Welcome to the website for the medical psychiatric practice of James R. Rodio, MD, LLC. This site is intended to orient you to the services available in Pepper Pike, Ohio. The information summarizes the clinical conditions treated, reviews my background, offers registration for a potential patient, and presents the contact number/directions to the office.

Mental illness has a profound impact in a patient's life, potentially affecting general daily functioning, capacity to work and participation in important relationships. Treatment and stabilization of brain disease is a vital component to overall health, so that an individual can function best. Medications are prescribed, if necessary, and adjusted and/or combined in an individualized fashion to optimize results. There is also an interpersonal component to the treatment, in which important past and current relationships are examined and explored in therapy, challenging the patient to grow cognitively, interpersonally and globally.

My background and experience in a variety of settings allows me to clinically connect with others. Having grown up locally, I understand the area and its unique cultural, economic and social makeup. My college student body was geographically diverse. I trained in Providence, Rhode Island with strong psychoanalytical and interpersonal training supervision. I have worked in jails and with former inmates, in community mental health centers with members of all socioeconomic classes, including with Amish. I have worked hard to stabilize life traumas and experienced the satisfaction of seeing patients thrive in time. I am a consistent and engaged physician, valuing the doctor-patient relationship as the key to a treatment that works.

Reasons for consultation include continued treatment of a defined psychiatric condition or further clarification of an uncertain presentation. Features of uncertainty, marital or occupational stress can also indicate a need for evaluation and treatment. The successful patient maximizes results by consistently utilizing appropriate medications and/or engaging in therapy to explore functioning in a therapeutic setting. The practice is designed to accommodate individuals who pursue treatment outside of the confines imposed by insurance panels (although partial out-of-insurance-network patient reimbursement can be pursued). As in much of life, a consistent and personalized treatment approach can lead to optimal results. I have worked in multiple clinical sites in which diligent review of medications and committed engagement in an ongoing, caring therapeutic relationship are the keys to progress.

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